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Why Choose Purple?

The Purple mattress has been designed specifically to take pressures off sleepers, eliminating some of the common issues that tend to interrupt a sleeper’s nighttime rest. In just a few short years, the founders of the company have made a name for themselves with direct-to-consumer sales of mattresses and other goods that are designed to put comfort at the forefront of the user experience.


Although the mattress company itself started in 2015, the very beginnings of what would eventually become Purple began much earlier. Sibling founders Terry and Tony Pearce began their professional careers making specialized carbon-fiber sporting goods equipment and mobility aid parts in 1989. As the years progressed, these beginning efforts led to more than 20 patents on things such as different polymers, prototype cushioning components, and more.

Founding and Milestones

After a few decades in the sporting goods and medical equipment industries, the brothers decided to switch gears. They became intrigued by a special machine dubbed the “Mattress Max” in 2013. This machine allowed a user to create molds of elastic polymers of a size and scale that hadn’t been seen in the industry before. From there, the Pearce brothers got the idea to craft custom polymer components into mattress frames.

The creation of what we know as Purple today was not far behind, and the founders began a Kickstarter in 2015 in order to raise some of the necessary funds. Their initial venture was modest, and they sought only to create a proprietary king-sized mattress as a test for some of their ideas. It took only a matter of five or so days for the campaign to reach the top of its proposed goal. When the campaign closed a couple of months later, Purple had raised several times the amount it had asked for at the beginning. This promising start led to a partnership with a science team. The goal was to create a series of informative videos that would explain the technology behind Purple mattresses and how they were set apart from competitors on the market.

After spending some time refining the techniques and science behind mattress innovations, Purple merged with another corporation and rebranded itself as Purple Innovation. During this same time, Purple secured a high valuation as a company, and this would further cement the company’s reputation as a leader in quality sleep products. Despite some recent setbacks or troubling economic periods, Purple Innovation still remains strong to this day.

Production and Manufacturing

Purple Squishy Angled View

Purple Innovation uses some manufacturing processes that might be typical of other mattress production companies. However, it tends to stand out as the corporation that takes a different approach to sleep research. Although much of the company’s marketing has a humorous side, it also delves deeply into the scientific ways that sleep might be improved. Here is a look at Purple’s production and manufacturing processes.


Purple is known primarily for its signature brand of mattresses. The company produces mattresses in all major sizes to fit different needs. However, the corporation also holds patents on various other materials or manufacturing methods. These patents have allowed Purple to research other ideas and expand its product lines. In addition to mattresses, Purple also makes cushions for your back or seat, pillows, sheets, adjustable beds, frames, and protectors. The corporation also produces a small line of beds meant for pets.


One of the cornerstones of Purple’s manufacturing process comes in the form of their hyper-elastic polymer. This is a material that can undergo a process the founders refer to as column buckling. Although a buckling mattress may seem counterintuitive at first, this process helps keep the pressure of the sleeper’s body more stable over a wide area. The machinery Purple Innovation uses to create the polymers exists only in their own factories, making the materials and methods of production singular to the company.

For Purple, making mattresses that work for consumers starts with crafting prototypes in a rapid series. The researchers and innovators at the company create several working models of mattresses using new designs or materials. This quick production phase allows them to involve consumers early in the process, and they will receive feedback about what is most comfortable for the sleepers. These methods allow them to implement ideas to alleviate discomfort as they work toward a finished product.

Purple has manufacturing facilities in Grantsville and Alpine, both located in the state of Utah. The company has a third facility in Georgia, and all of Purple Innovation’s products are crafted at one of these major locations. As with any Purple product, the proprietary malleable polymers are at the heart of the business, and they are a feature unique to the company.

Key Facts

Describe any key facts that are noteworthy about the brand. Example: “Patagonia belongs to both the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and 1% For The Planet – rejecting fast fashion products in favor of high-quality and long-lasting products that offer a repair and reuse program.” and “Patagonia is a fPerhaps one of the keys to the success of Purple is in the backgrounds and professional histories of its founders. The Pearce brothers already had extensive knowledge of both the research and development of various products before going on to found Purple. In addition to the hands-on approach to product development, they secured intellectual properties that were useful both within the sleep research community and elsewhere.

These related properties are useful in various industries across the world. Some specialized medical beds that offer critical care to patients use technologies developed by Purple’s founders. Additionally, although Purple Innovation mostly serves North America, they’ve expanded similar product lines to specialty beds in places like Japan, Australia, and Europe. Footwear and special braces for athletic or medical needs are also common among product lines that use Purple’s technology, and the company even helps develop straps for bags. Neonatal environments for premature infants might also use technologies that started with the founders of Purple.

Warranty Information

Purple is dedicated to helping consumers experience improved sleep through their products. Although there is no expectation of any defects in Purple mattresses, the company is prepared to make sure every customer gets what they need should any problems occur.

The Purple warranty is a limited agreement that covers any problems with one of its mattresses for a period of 10 years. Otherwise, it will cover issues until the mattress is transferred to a new user, honoring whichever is the shorter of the two periods. This agreement applies to all Purple mattresses sold new by the company directly or one of its authorized dealers. The warranty covers any defects due to faulty materials or inadequate workmanship. Purple Innovation will replace or repair any problematic mattress to the satisfaction of the customer, provided the precise issues fall under the agreement.

You can use the link to read about any specific limitations on the warranty agreement, what might not be covered, and information on how to submit a warranty claim to Purple.

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Purple offers several types of mattresses in many of the traditional sizes you might expect. Although you might know which size of mattress you need for your frame, choosing the right Purple product for your needs could be more difficult. We’ve compiled some reviews of the more commonly used Purple mattresses right here for your convenience.

Purple Mattress Roundups

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Purple Mattress Comparisons

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Purple Mattress Press Releases

If you’re interested in all things Purple, you can find content updates in the Purple Newsroom. You’ll be able to sign up for newsletter emails that will provide you with the latest info on product releases, fun videos, and more. On this page, you’ll also be able to download the Purple Press Kit, or you can send communications to the company directly.

Purple Mattress Recalls

Although Purple doesn’t keep an official page for recalls, you may find information on any potential issues with specific models through the corporation’s newsletter. This newsletter contains product updates, and they may use this method to inform consumers about possible product recalls.

Where To Buy Purple Mattresses

Although you can purchase a Purple mattress directly through the company’s online store, there are a few other options for you. Purple maintains relationships with many local mattress resellers and stores throughout North America. You can use their store directory to find authorized resellers that may carry their products.

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