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Why Choose Beautyrest?

The Simmons Beautyrest mattress is a household name. Many people choose to purchase a Beautyrest because the brand is synonymous with quality and longevity. However, not all Beautyrest mattress styles are the same. Each has its own unique attributes and qualities. If you’re currently considering buying a mattress, it’s essential to know more about each type and what it has to offer. Here, we present all the information you’ll need to determine which of these popular mattresses suits your needs.


In 1870, Wisconsin entrepreneur Zalmon Simmons founded the mattress company that bears his name. Although he purchased a patent for a woven wire bedspring in the 1870s, it didn’t spring to life until the early 1900s after the founder’s son, Zalmon Simmons Jr., took over the company. He made a mattress using springs held within individual cloth pockets, the brainchild of Canadian inventor James Marshall, who patented the design, widely available.

The Simmons Beautyrest, introduced in 1925, has been one of the most iconic mattress brands on the market for several decades. Simmons Jr. and John Franklin Gail created and patented the pocketed coil design that allowed Beautyrest mattresses to stand out from the rest. Although the company began production in Atlanta, Georgia, the manufacturing hub moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada over the years.

The Beautyrest’s design breakthrough allowed the Simmons Co. to secure the top spot in the industry. By the 1930s, Simmons was featured in multiple international advertising campaigns and endorsed by celebrities. One of the significant developments for the company was featured in Life magazine. Over time, they perfected the development of memory foam technology and the Aircool design.

Founding and Milestones

Zalmon G. Simmons
Zalmon G. Simmons, founder of Simmons Beautyrest

Beautyrest or Beautysleep mattress products are a specific line produced by what was originally the Simmons company. The Simmons Beautyrest was first created with the pocketed coil mattress intended for mass production in 1925. Years later, the innovative company introduced the popular Beautyrest queen mattress and the Beautyrest king mattress to the public. According to sales figures, the Beautyrest brand was the flagship model for the company and ranked third in the mattress market. Other notable events in the company’s long history include an acquisition by Gulf+Western in 1979, which was then sold to the Wickes Corporation.

It was acquired by Wesray Capital in 1986, who then sold it to the Simmons employee stock ownership plan after 1989. In 1991 Merrill Lynch bought the majority of stocks and then offered them to Investcorp in 1996. After that, in 1998, Fenway Partners purchased those shares and then struck a deal in 2003 with Thomas H. Lee Partners. After many financial difficulties, the company filed for Chapter 11 and agreed to a purchase agreement between the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and Ares Management. In 2012, Advent International secured the controlling interest in the company that became Serta Simmons Holdings, LLC and merged with Tuft & Needle. Today the parent company of Simmons owns Tuft & Needle, Beautyrest (a now separate brand from Simmons), and Serta.

Production and Manufacturing

Zalmon Simmons received a patent for the woven-wire spring mattress and became the first individual to mass-produce them in 1876. By 1889, the company introduced the coil springs into their mattresses, which created a mass demand for their products. One reason is that it allowed them to sell their mattress for less because it reduced manufacturing costs. By the year 1891, they were the largest mattress manufacturer globally. In 1911, Zalmon Simmons Jr. took over the company after his father’s death. It began to branch out and sell internationally by 1916. By 1919, the company opened new plants in California, Canada, New Jersey, and Washington and continued to produce from the home plant in Atlanta.


Beautyrest ‎700810026-1060 Front

The most popular products that Beautyrest produces include the Beautyrest Silver mattress, the Beautyrest Platinum mattress, the Beautyrest Black mattress, the Beautyrest Gel foam mattress, and the Beautyrest Memory Foam mattress. All Beautyrest mattresses are currently made in Toronto, Canda and shipped worldwide. The variations from these series that are the most popular currently include the following:

  • Harmony Lux Carbon Extra Firm Mattress
  • Silver Kenosha Place Plush Pillow Top Mattress
  • Silver Lydia Manor Plush Pillow Top Mattress
  • Beautyrest Black C Class Meium Mattress
  • Silver Adda Medium Firm Mattress
  • Harmony Lux Trillian Ultra Plush Mattress

These Beautyrest mattresses have something to offer for most any sleep style or firmness requirements. The modern Beautyrest Gel Foam and Beautyrest Memory Foam mattress are ideal for conforming to each individual who sleeps on the mattress regardless of the sleep position or firmness requirements.


The flagship factory for Beautyrest is located in Atlanta, Georgia, which is the site of the first manufacturing company for Simmons Beautyrest. However, these mattresses are almost exclusively created in Toronto, Canada. In order to dive into the process of construction, it’s essential to know more about the materials and how they are used to create the patented technology that makes Beautyrest a top-performing mattress.

The Beautyrest mattress is constructed through a precise and complex process. The materials used to build these mattresses include recycled products. Steel, fabric, and foam are the primary construction materials used in the construction process. These mattresses use pocketed coils that are wrapped independently to help distribute body weight and provide support. High carbon steel is spun on a specially patented machine to the precise shape and dimension needed to create the pocketed coils that make up the inner portion of the mattress.

Once the springs are coiled, they are inserted into tough non-woven fabric casings. This process is created in sections or rows, which are then joined together. There is a bond on each third of the coil, designed to hold up to extensive wear and tear. This is how the springs provide sturdy independent support for the body. Once the coils finish the manufacturing process, they are closely inspected individually to ensure the best quality. To create the mattress, the assembly workers lay down energy foam as the base. Not only does this foam absorb shock, but it also supports the pocket coils. The foam used to create Beautyrest mattresses is also CertifPUR-US certified. Foam is used to form the edges of the mattress and is glued together at the edges.

It borders the frame of the bed and is on top of the first layer of energy foam. It features airflow holes to provide ventilation to the mattress. Next, the pocketed coils are secured to the energy foam and then covered with a lightweight material. A mesh border is then placed around the entire mattress. Memory foam is then layered on top of the coils on some models. The individual parts of the mattress are then connected by specially trained technicians to ensure the best fit and quality. Special breathable quilt material is used to create the external surface of the mattress. The top layer is stitched into place, and then it is ready to ship to the consumer.

Key Facts

Beautyrest is known for pioneering the pocketed coils sleep system in the early 1900s. This company was the fastest-growing company of its kind and dominated the mattress market until 1916. It still remained the top-performing company for decades until other competitors entered the market. What helped propel them to success so rapidly was the ability to reduce manufacturing costs when the company switched from the innerspring system to the pocketed coil method, which is significantly cheaper.

The company needed to create special machines to manufacture these coils, but when they finally created them, they could reduce labor costs and streamline the entire manufacturing process. Unlike the previous coil design, these springs moved independently from one another to provide each person with additional comfort and support for a great price. Consumers can find Beautyrest mattresses at many major furniture and home goods retailers across the country. They are also found at mattress specialty stores across the country.

Today, Beautyrest is manufactured in Toronto, Canada due to the controlling interest of previous and current shareholders in the company. In fact, the teacher retirement fund in Ontario is a shareholder in the company and, at one time, had a controlling interest. Previously the mattresses were assembled in Atlanta, Georgia, where the first plant was opened in the late 1800s. Their company that owns Beautyrest today also owns sister company Serta and several other mattress brands that all compete. Today, the company is still one of the top three mattress producers in the world and continues to provide consumers with innovative technology to help them sleep better.

Warranty Information

Beautyrest provides a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects or faults with the manufacturing materials. This warranty may also cover the removable fabric cover in some instances. This is a limited warranty that specifically covers any issues related to the manufacturing or assembly of the mattress. In-depth information can be found with each mattress sold, clearly outlining what the warranty covers for that specific model. Warranty details can also be found by contacting support at Beautyrest.

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Where to Buy

Consumers can find Beautyrest mattresses at many major furniture and home goods retailers across the country. They are also found at mattress specialty stores across the country. Consider some of these options to find a Beautyrest mattress:

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Online Presence

Contact Information

  • Those needing to get in touch with Simmons Beautyrest have several options to choose. These are the most widely used and simple methods to reach out to a representative who can answer questions and assist with issues or resolve problems.
  • To reach out via phone to contact customer service and speak to a representative, use the following customer service number: (877)298-4955
  • You can email Beautyrest with any inquiries or issues.