We Reviewed the 5 Top-Rated Cot Mattresses

Finding the perfect crib with the safest, more comfortable cot mattress for your baby will imply serious research. It is easily noticeable for parents when the baby is not comfortable enough during their sleeping hours. 

Over the years, cot mattresses manufacturers have been changing their inner compositions in their crib mattresses to make them safer for parents to acquire. The biggest fear of any parent with a newborn at home is the inherent risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) which is a medically unexplained condition that causes death in babies younger than a year old, during their sleep, in their cribs. 

Lamentably, no crib/cot mattress in the market fully prevents SIDS. Do not be fooled if a certain brand claims that their crib mattresses do. The harsh truth that some manufacturers don’t want you to hear is that only safe sleep practices will reduce the risk of SIDS, but not fully prevent it, but yes; getting a safe cot bed plays a key role in terms of prevention. Then, it is a good idea to surround your baby with the safest, more breathable possible fabrics when they are at ease; remember, small babies can sleep up to 18 intermittent hours a day. 

Suffocation, sweating, overall discomfort, and allergies are also a great concern for parents with small babies; this is why, in this buying guide, we have done extensive research by choosing brands in the crib mattresses market that are responsible and empathetic with parent’s concerns in regards of their babies sleeping time.

If you are the responsible parent of a baby that wouldn’t allow you to sleep properly at night, you may want to read this guide to find a great cot bed for your child. Although we can’t assure you, you will sleep better after buying the perfect cot mattress, we hope your baby will be much more comfortable on their crib!

Cot Mattress Buying Guide

Finding the Ideal Cot Mattress for Your Baby

Before you click on “buy” or you slide your credit card at a department store, there are a few important points to take into consideration before getting your baby cot mattress:

Size does matter: Whereas the standard cot mattress size is around 51 to 53 inches long and 27 to 28 inches wide (approximately 140 x 70 cms) and their thickness can vary between 4, 6 inches, you need to measure your crib, before buying a cot mattress that may not be a good fit by showing gaps on the sides of the crib making it unsafe for your baby. Or that is too bulky it gets deformed once you push it into the crib.

Also, bear in mind there are mini cot mattresses of different sizes that will come in handy for ‘pack and play on the go’ beds or portable cribs. Some mini crib mattresses come with the advantage of being flippable for dual side use.

Materials and overall composition: The crib mattress that you choose must come with the necessary firmness that will help your baby cuddle but not sink into an unsafe mattress. Many cot mattresses are composed of memory foam inner layers that give extra support and breathability, some of them have cool fabrics that cover the whole mattress. Getting a waterproof mattress will always be a good idea, as leak accidents happen often, and removing stains from crib mattresses may be a hard task for parents.

Also, babies tend to be tummy sleepers; and as funny as it seems, some of them would even prefer to be head sleepers making it hard for parents to find a breathable mattress with a soft cover they can breathe through. 

Checking the weight support of the cot mattress will also guide you on whether it’s a mattress that will stay with your child as they grow old. Stage 2 crib mattresses, for example, will be ideal for cribs and can be used as toddler beds later on.

Cot Mattress Shopping Tips

Whether you buy online or you prefer to visit the physical store, checking your desired mattress for important certifications like Certipur-US and Green Guard will give you guidance about the safety of your crib mattress. 

Reviewing the return/refund policies, the delivery info, and the warranty of your mattress are a must if you want to have peace of mind, that if the product comes defective or for a reason, it was not suitable for your toddler you can return it. Some outstanding brands that manufacture great cot beds, single cot beds, twin cot beds, and memory foam crib mattresses could be Newton, Graco, Bubble bear, Serta, Milliard, among others.

In this article, we have listed 5 outstanding cot mattresses produced by the above brands you’d like to check out. 

Let’s get started!

Review of the 5 Top-Rated Cot Mattresses

1. Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed

Manufacturer, color, stage: This baby crib mattress by Newton is a breathable, safe mattress baby can breathe through, it is safe as its cover is completely washable and hypoallergenic. This is an infant and toddler (2-stage) mattress that can be reused over and over, recommended by pediatricians and by parents that have babies that prefer to be tummy sleepers. The color is white (unisex) and it is available in size 7 pairs (1 pack).

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: This baby mattress is 4 inches thick; it measures ‎52 x 28 x 5.5 inches and weighs 11 pounds. It fits almost any crib and molds to it for your baby’s extra comfort. 

Type of fabric and fill materials: The Newton baby crib mattress is mainly composed of comfort foam, with a natural viscose chemical-free cover that is machine washable and hypoallergenic, and it is filled with a wovenaire comfort polymer layer that is much more breathable than organic mattresses. 

Safety: The American US NFPA (The National Fire Protection Association) recommends adding chemical components as a fire-retardant measure in memory foam mattresses. This baby mattress is composed of materials that aren’t highly flammable and that are safe for your baby to breathe through them. 

Other features: This cot mattress is GREEN GUARD certified, which means it has been tested for low VOC emissions and it is 100% recyclable. Also, the Newton Essentials crib mattress can be ordered in different models: Original, waterproof, or mini with dual layers.


Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed


  • This is a safe mattress for babies that are face or tummy sleepers.
  • Newton offers a lifetime limited warranty on crib mattresses.
  • It is adequate for newborns and toddlers.
  • The cover can be easily removed to be washed.


  • Some parents have complained about the plastic smell expelled by the mattress.
  • Expensive buy. Some customers complain this crib mattress is not worth the price.
  • Some reviews say this mattress doesn’t fit full-sized cribs, leaving side gaps as a result.

2. Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Mattress (2021)

Manufacturer, color, stage: Graco releases their premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress; the renewed 2021 edition, which is easier to clean and care for, its breathable foam core is safe for your baby’s sleep, with enough firmness to be suffocation safe. It comes in white color and this is a stage 2 mattress for newborns and toddlers, this cot mattress by Graco can be reused as a toddler’s bed later on.

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: Graco’s crib mattress fits any standard crib or toddler bed. It measures 52 x 27.6 inches and elevates up to 5 inches. It is a light mattress, it weighs 10.7 pounds, and has a weight resistance of 50 pounds. Allow the mattress to fully elevate once you have unpacked it. Also, let it vent for some hours before your baby sleeps on it.

Type of fabric and fill materials: This crib mattress by Graco is made mainly of breathable foam, it comes with a soft, resistant fabric cover that can be hand washed or machine washed in a delicate cycle. The overall composition of the mattress is polyurethane foam. This product comes rolled up in a box and you have to allow it to fully expand before use.

Safety: Unfortunately, some negative reviews about Graco’s cot mattresses point to the fact that the second cover of the mattress should not be removed as the inner composition of the crib mattress may contain fiberglass as a fire retardant. Therefore, keep your mattress safe and never fully open it as it may be hazardous for your health and your baby’s health. Unnoticed fiberglass particles in a closed environment can be a cause of asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory illnesses, plus removing glass fibers from furniture and clothing is extremely difficult.

Other features: The Graco Premium Foam crib is a longtime mattress for your baby, as it can fit large cribs and standard toddler beds. With 6 years limited warranty, and a weight resistance for small children, this can be a mattress your baby will grow in. Also, this mattress is GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for low chemical emissions.


Graco Premium Foam Crib&Toddler Mattress


  • Affordable buy, great value for its price
  • Graco offers 6 years limited warranty on their cot mattresses
  • This is a mattress that can be used for toddler’s beds
  • This mattress is Greenguard Gold certified


  • There is the risk of this mattress containing a thin fiberglass layer in its composition
  • Some parents complain about the mattress cover being too loose on the ends

3. Bubble bear Premium Foam Toddler Bed Mattress

Manufacturer, color, stage: The Bubble bear brand that was established in 2000 has become a great seller of cot mattresses; they present their Premium Foam Hypoallergenic Infant Crib mattress, made of high-quality memory foam, it fits standard cribs and toddler beds. (Stage 2) It comes in a fun dinosaur pattern and can be chosen in more fun, unisex styles. (Pines, cats, bunnies, cars).

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: This baby crib mattress measures 75 x 54 x 10 inches, it weighs 9.18 pounds, and once unpacked and unrolled you should wait for at least 72 hours for it to reach 5 inches of thickness. It supports over 30 pounds of weight according to some reviews online.

Type of fabric and fill materials: The Bubble bear Premium crib mattress is mainly composed of cotton, its exterior cover is made of grinding wool, specially manufactured for babies. It also contains inner layers of high-density memory foam, for a cooling sensation and is breathable for your baby’s comfort.

Safety: This is not a toy. Children older than 5 years old should not jump or play with the mattress as it can be deformed, damaged, or irremediably stained. This is a latex-free mattress.

Other features: This crib mattress comes with a bubble top design for more ergonomic comfort, plus its border wires design, reinforced edges, keep the shape of the mattresses and the baby proper post. It is a mattress that will support your child as they grow old.


Bubble bear Premium Toddler Bed Mattress


  • It offers great value for its price.
  • It is made with organic components.
  • It is adequate for newborns and toddlers.
  • It is a very resistant mattress.


  • It doesn’t have a removable washable cover.
  • Some parents complain about the mattress being too sturdy for small children.
  • Online stores do not specify if the mattress has any certifications.

4. Milliard Premium Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed Mattress

Manufacturer, color, stage: Milliard releases their new Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Mattress for cribs and toddler’s beds. (Stage 2) It comes with a soft machine washable cover, this crib mattress allows airflow to help regulate your baby’s sleep temperature, no sweaty nights! It comes in white unisex color and it’s vacuum-packed.

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: Once unrolled, you should allow the mattress to expand up to 5.5 inches. (At least for 72 hours before use). It measures ‎52.02 x 5.52 x 27.52 inches weighing barely 11.3 ounces. (0.6875 Pounds) This super lightweight easy to handle cot mattress fits in almost any standard-sized crib. 

Type of fabric and fill materials: This cot mattress comes with a firm foam base; it contains layers of memory foam for durability and support. Its outer cover is made of soft bamboo fabrics for added softness and breathability, it is removable and safe to machine wash or to wash by hand. Also, it has a waterproof lining underneath the cover that helps protect the mattress from leaking accidents.

Safety: Milliard proudly announces their foam used in crib mattresses has been tested by and certified by independent accredited laboratories for low VOC emissions (Volatile organic compounds). Nevertheless, it has been reported this mattress does include a thin layer of fiberglass as a fire-retardant underneath the glass protector. It is recommendable to not completely open this mattress.

Other features: This crib mattress is made with long-lasting memory foam of 3 pounds construction (1.30 kg) that won’t lose its shape over the years. It will help your baby transition from a crib to a toddler’s bed. Plus: It is hypoallergenic.


Milliard Premium Memory Foam


  • This is a safe mattress for leaks, as it includes a waterproof lining underneath the main cover that prevents accidents.
  • The outer cover is made of bamboo breathable fabrics.
  • It is a very lightweight mattress
  • The cover can be easily removed to be machine washed.


  • Despite its certifications, this mattress contains a fiberglass inner layer as fire-retardant.
  • Millard doesn’t disclose warranty information about their cot mattresses in any online store.

5. Serta Sleeptrue 4″ Mini Crib Mattress

Manufacturer, color, stage: The Serta company that is known for producing environmentally friendly comfort mattresses of high quality, present its mini crib mattress, Sleeptrue. This cot mattress fits almost all mini cribs and portable cribs and some ‘pack and play on the go’ beds. Make sure you measure your crib first, before buying this product. The Serta Sleeptrue comes in a unisex pearl white color; it is waterproof and stain-resistant.

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: This mini-mattress measures 38 inches long x 24 inches wide. It has a thickness of 4 inches. It is a lightweight adaptable mattress that can be molded into a portable crib and can go with you and your baby everywhere. Its waterproof lining helps you in case of a leaking accident. 

Type of fabric and fill materials: Surprisingly, this portable and lightweight cot mattress contains a hypoallergenic fiber core made from recycled bottles, it comes with thermo-bonded polyester fiber for extra comfort, and a soft vinyl recovering that is easy to clean, to fit sheets on top and makes the mattress more durable.

Safety: For years, Serta has always been very outspoken about the composition of their environmentally conscious mattresses; mostly, those are built with recycled components and are free of toxic chemicals. This cot mattress is GREEN GUARD certified which means it has been tested and approved for low VOC emissions, making it safe for your baby to sleep on and breathe through. This product is sold by the Delta Children store.

Other features: Unlike other memory foam mattresses that cannot be flipped over due to their inner composition, the Serta Sleeptrue mini crib cot mattress is dual-sided for long-lasting use. Clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth, use warm water and mild soap. Flip it over, repeat the cleaning, allow it to dry, fit clean sheets on it and it will be usable for a long time.


Serta Sleeptrue 4″ Mini Crib Mattress


  • It is dual-sided, it can be easily cleaned and flipped over, also it is a portable cot mattress for portable cribs
  • It is made of recycled components and is environmentally friendly.
  • It doesn’t contain fiberglass or any fire-retardant chemicals.
  • Serta offers 10 years of limited warranty.


  • This is a mini cot mattress for small or portable cribs, it doesn’t fit standard-sized cribs.
  • Some parents complain about this mattress measuring 36 x 24 inches, instead of the advertised 38 x 24 inches.
  • Some parents complain by saying this mattress makes sounds when the baby moves due to its plastic components.


Which cot mattress is the best?

In this article we have presented several options in the market that are good shopping choices for you, however, the online reviews, the pros and cons, and the overall specs of the crib mattresses will be decisive factors for you to choose which will be the cot bed that will adapt better to your baby’s sleeping needs.

How do you clean a cot mattress?

It depends mostly on the overall composition of the mattress. Some crib mattresses come with zippable washable removable covers, that can be machine or hand-washed, some other mattresses don’t have the option to remove their top cover and you’ll have to clean the surface with a damp cloth, mild soap, warm water and wait until it completely dries to fit sheets on it again. Some other cot mattresses are covered in plastic components allowing you to clean them with water on both sides with no extra problems.

Where do you buy a cot mattress?

You can search for cot mattresses on Amazon, as many different sellers offer you diverse bundles or packages that can match your desired cot mattress. Also, you can get some of those products delivered by Amazon Prime. Or buy directly with the manufacturers (online site or physical store).
Department stores are also a good choice if you didn’t find what you were looking for, online. Then you’d have the chance to physically touch and measure your desired mattress before taking it home.

Are cot mattresses unsafe?

Unfortunately, despite the certifications shown on some cot mattresses, some of them may still contain a fiberglass thin layer as an inner component that can work as a fire retardant in the mattress. It is your personal choice (And your partner’s) if you decide to buy a baby mattress that you know beforehand that will be sealed forever and that can’t be ripped or opened for cleaning due to the risk of flying glass fibers everywhere. 
If you are a careful owner, nonetheless, the mattress can stay in your home for a long time without any incidents.

What cot mattress should I buy?

Many options accompany a cot mattress nowadays: Washable fabric cover, vinyl easy-to-clean cover, breathable non-removable cover, hypoallergenic fabrics, waterproof linings, foam layers, reinforced edges. 
Times have changed and baby crib mattresses aren’t large packages that you’d carry in the backseat of your car anymore, as nowadays crib mattresses come rolled up in environmentally-friendly packages; which means you have to unpack, unroll and make sure your cot mattress expands to its final size before your baby starts sleeping on it. Also, check for VOC emissions, it is a good idea to air the mattress before use.

Should I listen to all the negative reviews of cot mattresses shown online?

Yes and no. Whereas it is a good idea to learn from the experience of other parents that have purchased the mattress(es) you are after, sometimes certain reviews can be misleading when the product is not properly used. 
For example, some customers that have purchased cot mattresses for dogs instead of children have complained online about the durability of the mattress, the inner components, among other things. It is unfair then, to judge a product that was not initially designed for pet use if it doesn’t fit such needs. It is your final decision to acknowledge good and bad reviews before placing your order and finding the ideal comfortable cot mattress for your baby that can give them many hours of pleasant sleep.