The Ultimate Beautyrest Mattress Review (Our 5 Best Picks)

If you are a kid from the ’80s or 90’s you probably heard your parents or relatives talk about Simmons as a great mattress brand; and they were right. Simmons is a company that has been around for longer than our parents and grandparents can remember.

The Simmons Company is a veteran American company that has become a leader in sleeping products manufacture, thanks to their ever-evolving technologies that are mainly focused on creating state-of-the-art mattresses that can offer comfort and healing to their customers.

Brief History 

Founded in 1870 by Zalmon G. Simmons, his factory originally operated to produce cheese boxes and wooden telegraph insulators. The businessman started to make bedsprings after receiving a patent for woven-wired bedsprings as a payment for an owed debt. Ever since the company started to create bed products for the common homeowner.

In the early 1900s, Simmons had perfected the steel coiled system in their spring beds, being this the foundation of newer models of box springs and hybrid mattresses that are sold by the company, in modern times. Simmons sells mattresses, box springs, bedding frames, and other sleep accessories in over 100 countries to this day.

In this article, we will focus on one of Simmons’ prominent brands, the Beautyrest line, and we will tour you around a buying guide that will inform you of the characteristics that the Beautyrest mattresses have to offer you if you are on the lookout for a new comfortable mattress that can also bring other health benefits your way.

Mattress Buying Guide

Choosing The best Beautyrest Mattress For You

Before diving into the categories of mattresses that could be suitable for you, you need to know more about the kind of sleeper you are, (Back, stomach, side sleeper) and be aware of your immediate needs, sleeping needs that can be covered by a bed that will be composed of more than just cotton and wired springs; whether this mattress will be for you and a partner, just for you or for another member of your family, bear in mind that although some products may look magnificent when advertised, you have to find the mattress that will adapt to you and not vice versa.

Memory Foam Mattresses: In some categories of Beautyrest mattresses you can find memory foam plush mattresses that can offer you coolness and breathable covers, commonly made of gel memory foam, conforming memory foam among other components. Depending on their inner composition, some memory foam mattresses can be flippable, others may come with removable washable covers, and some others will have a sealed cover that is not detachable. Usually, these kinds of mattresses will need a box spring frame that can be placed on top of a bed surface, and underneath the mattress, of course.

Hybrid Mattresses: Hybrid mattresses have become quite popular over the last years, as those present the advantages of a plush cool-fresh memory foam mattress with the firmness of an innerspring of coils that will give extra support and point pressure relief in smart areas of your body. Usually, hybrid mattresses won’t need a box spring underneath, and they can be adjustable to most bed surfaces. However, let’s keep in mind that a hybrid mattress cannot be flipped over due to its complex composition. 

Pillow Top Mattresses: Pillowed mattresses have extra inches of padding that are sewn to the top of the memory foam layers, giving extra plushie comfort, such padding can be made of regular foam, latex, cotton, wool, among other fabrics. Pillow Top Mattresses can be hybrid or not. Some may contain innerspring; some others can be just air beds with extra pillow padding on top.

The Beautyrest and Beautyrest Black lines have perfected the categories mentioned above by creating interesting mattresses models of various sizes and thicknesses that can play along with the characteristics of memory foam mattresses, pillow-top mattresses, and coiled, firmer mattresses.

Buying a Beautyrest Mattress

Beautyrest is known for releasing their mattresses in a wide array of sizes we can choose from: Queen, King, Twin, Full, Twin XL and California sizes are the standard mattresses sizes for almost any Beautyrest model. The thickness of those beds may vary from 12 to 15 inches. The firmness can also be chosen between plush, medium, firm, or extra firm. There have been successful cases of happy customers announcing that their chronic pains have disappeared or have improved after sleeping on a Beautyrest mattress for months.

But, where to buy a Beautyrest Mattress? If you don’t have a Simmons official store nearby, you may have many options online such as Amazon, that may offer you good deals on Beautyrest/Simmons products. However, if you have the chance to physically see your desired mattress at a department store, do not miss the opportunity to touch and test it (Stores may allow you to do so) before you decide to bring it home.

Also, check with your sellers the warranty clauses, delivery times, refund policies and offers, free trials, as some Beautyrest products may come with free night trials included, some others can even offer you white glove delivery (Which is custom, personalized delivery to your home). Don’t be shy and try haggling a bit. Beautyrest products aren’t usually very cheap (They can cost from $500 to $3000 dollars) therefore, make the sellers interested in offering you a good deal that is fair for the store and that adjusts to your budget.

In this buying guide, our editors have picked their top 5 Beautyrest mattresses for you to tour around their specs, their pros, and cons, hoping you have fun reviewing them!

Review of the 5 Best Beautyrest Mattresses

1. Beautyrest Hybrid 13″ BRX1000-C Plush Innerspring Mattress

Manufacturer, color, available sizes: The first mattress in this list, is Beautyrest’s Hybrid 13 inches BRX1000-C Plush Mattress, a mattress of hybrid composition that includes an innerspring for extra body contouring; it adapts to your body it doesn’t matter if you’re a stomach, side or back sleeper, it offers motion isolation, you won’t notice your partner is sleeping beside you, it comes in white color with grey elegant sides. It is available in King size.

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: The thickness of the BRX1000-C is 13 inches, it measures 80 x 76 x 13 inches, it weighs 110.4 pounds, and although its firmness is plush, it is a sturdy mattress that can support over 1000 pounds of weight. This mattress does not need a box spring and it is adjustable-base compatible.

Type of Fabric and Fill material: This mattress has a hybrid composition of layers of aircool gel memory foam, these layers offer you coolness and airflow freshness that comes from the open cell structure of the memory foam, its hard knitted cover is breathable and made of stretchy fabrics that help you have extra comfort. This mattress also contains an innerspring of 1000 pocketed coils that give firmness to it without sacrificing its plushie sensation. 

Safety: Although Simmons publicly announces their mattresses do not contain fiberglass layers as fire retardants, it is recommendable to air vent the area where your mattress will be placed, for at least 24/72 hours before use to prevent off-gassing / unpleasant chemical smells when in use.

Other features: Beautyrest’s 1000 Series Pocketed Coil system inbuilt in this mattress has been proved to be a great helper to ease chronic pains such as back, hips pain, neck pain. Customers recovering from operations or that are chronic pain sufferers have rated this mattress as therapeutic in many online reviews. Also, this mattress has the option of white glove delivery, check with your seller.


Beautyrest Hybrid 13″ BRX1000-C Plush Innerspring Mattress


  • CertiPUR-US certified.
  • This mattress can be shipped by white glove delivery.
  • 10 years of warranty.
  • It comes with pocketed coils for extra support.


  • Some customers claim the firmness of this mattress is not plush.
  • Not all sizes of this mattress are sold in all online stores.

2. Beautyrest BR800 13 inch Medium Pillow Top Mattress

Manufacturer, color, available sizes: Secondly, we have Beautyrest’s BR800 Medium Pillow Top Mattress, another mattress of hybrid composition that offers the advantages of cooling gel memory foam and the support that its innerspring of pocketed coils offer to cradle your body, especially; this mattress gives you excellent lumbar support. It comes in white color, with grey stripes with a pillowed softcover. It is available in Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: The standard thickness of the BR800 is 13 inches in all its available sizes, it measures 75 x 53 x 13 inches (Full size), it is a lightweight mattress, it weighs 67.8 pounds, its firmness is medium, the mattress comes with side handles to move around easily.

Type of Fabric and Fill material: This mattress is composed of layers of gel memory foam, and air feel foam, it includes an encased foam edge, its pillowed top is covered with a dual cool knitted quilt that is breathable and gives a cooling sensation for hot sleepers. Underneath, the hybrid mattress contains a series of 800 pocketed coils/innerspring with a coil gauge of 15.5 inches that supports the mattress making it strong but soft, with a firmness of 4.5.

Safety: This is a pillowed hybrid mattress that cannot be flipped over due to its composition: Layers of memory foam, that lie on top of a resistant innerspring. The incorrect use of the product and the consequent damage caused by it, won’t be covered by the warranty issued by Beautyrest, Simmons.

Other features: Beautyrest’s Extra Firm Pocketed Coils Technology gives flexible press point support in key areas of your body. The BR800 Medium Pillow Top Mattress is proved to have extra lumbar support as the gel memory foam lumbar support layers are positioned in the middle/third of the mattress to support your lower back efficiently.


Beautyrest BR800 13 inch Medium Pillow Top Mattress


  • Extra lumbar comfort.
  • This mattress can be shipped by white glove delivery.
  • Many sizes to choose from.
  • It comes with a pillowed soft-stretchy top.


  • Off-gassing. Some customers have complained about the chemical smell lasting for days.
  • Some reviews online claim that the pillowed top is too firm for a medium firmness mattress.

3. Beautyrest Black C-Class Plush Queen Mattress

Manufacturer, color, available sizes: The third mattress by Beautyrest in this list, is the Beautyrest Black C-Class Plush Queen Mattress, a very classy elegant mattress that comes in black color, offers softness in your sleep, but also, great support in your hips and shoulders. If you are a side sleeper, this is the hybrid mattress for you, it is available in Queen size.

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: The Black C-Class elevates approximately 13.75 inches, it measures 80 x 60 x 13.75 inches and weighs 107.9 pounds, its firmness is plush, although its overall composition offers motion isolation, you won’t know your partner or pets, are sleeping beside you. The mattress comes with side handles to move around easily. 

Type of Fabric and Fill material: This elegant mattress includes Beautyrest’s BlackICE technology, which includes layers of gel memory foam (Gel Touch) in its composition that give a cool sensation as they include carbon fibers for temperature control, durability, the RightTemp memory foam layer gives smart pressure relief in key parts of your body, plus, it includes an innerspring that consists of 3 steel strands wound into one coil for motion absorption. 

Safety: This mattress should not be opened for cleaning, as it doesn’t include a removable cover, if accidents occur make sure you clean the mattress with a damp cloth with warm water and mild soap, do not use heavy chemicals that may make the inner foam layers to store unpleasant smells. Simmons advises their mattresses are eco-friendly with low VOC emissions.

Other features: This is a luxurious mattress that includes both Beautyrest’s BlackICE 4.0 Technology, for cooler sleep for hot sleepers, plus their curated Beautyrest’s Technoluxe memory foam layers give smart relief to your hips and shoulders, by contouring your back efficiently.


Beautyrest Black C-Class Plush Queen Mattress


  • Excellent for side sleepers.
  • Includes BlackICE technology in their memory foam layers for hot sleepers.
  • Includes carbon fibers in its composition.
  • Low on VOC emissions.


  • Some customers have complained about the delivery of this product being too slow
  • Expensive buy, some customers get discouraged at the high price of this mattress.
  • Limited sizes to choose from.

4. Beautyrest Silver BRS900 15 inch Plush Pillow Top Mattress

Manufacturer, color, available sizes: The fourth one in this list is Beautyrest Silver BRS900 Plush Pillow Top Mattress, another luxurious product by Simmons, a pillowed hybrid mattress that combines the advantages of a plushie pillowed top mattress with the firmness of an innerspring with pocketed coils, it comes in silver/black color and it is available in King, Twin, Twin XL Queen, California King, and Full sizes.

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: This fancy mattress is a tall one, it elevates 15 inches once it has fully expanded, its standard size is 80 x 76 x 15 inches, it weighs 105.7 pounds, it can be chosen in medium or plush firmness, the mattress comes with side handles to move around easily and can go on an adjustable bed frame, either a wooden or a steel one.

Type of Fabric and Fill material: This state-of-the-art mattress is composed of gel memory foam, responsive memory foam layers, its cover includes Beautyrest’s Dual cool cover technology, a thick quilted pillowed cover that is breathable and soft. It comes with a durable energy foam base below the 900 series of pocketed plush coils that give the mattress overall support. This mattress cannot be flipped over.

Safety: This mattress has been reported to have been delivered outside a box, just wrapped in hard plastic covers, this is a sturdy, big mattress, check with your seller if its delivery includes the white glove feature that will help you accommodate your new mattress with the assistance of the delivery agents.

Other features: This mattress includes Beautyrest’s Moisture Wicking Technology, its quilted cover absorbs moisture and pulls away heat, giving you a cool sensation during your sleep, this mattress is ideal for hot sleepers.


Beautyrest Silver BRS900 15 inch Plush Pillow Top Mattress


  • The mattress absorbs motion and moisture.
  • It has a durable sturdy base below the pocketed coils.
  • It can be chosen in medium or plush firmness.
  • It comes with a breathable pillow top.


  • Some customers claim that the mattress sagged very quickly.
  • There have been complaints about the online support service of Beautyrest being too slow to respond and attend complaints.

5. Beautyrest Silver BRS900-C 14 inch Extra Firm Innerspring Mattress

Manufacturer, color, available sizes: Lastly, we have the Beautyrest Silver BRS900 Innerspring mattress, another hybrid mattress from Beautyrest’s silver line, this is a mattress that promises extra firmness, thanks to its innerspring of pocketed coils, but it also offers great comfort thanks to their inner memory foam layers that adapt to your body’s shape. It comes in elegant grey-silver color with darker grey sides and it is available in Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

Dimensions, Weight, and Thickness: The standard thickness of the Beautyrest Silver BRS900 is 14 inches in all its available sizes, it measures 80 x 76 x 14 inches, it is a sturdy heavy mattress that can be chosen in extra firm or plush firmness. It weighs 116.4 pounds and cannot be flipped over.

Type of Fabric and Fill material: This hybrid super fancy mattress is built with layers of dynamic response memory foam, firm comfort foam, plush and aircool foam, its cover is made with Beautyrest’s dual cover technology for extra freshness, underneath the memory foam layers, this hybrid mattress has an innerspring of 900 pocketed coils that give you spinal firm support.

Safety: Some customers have reported that the Beautyrest mattresses of this model that they have bought through third parties didn’t seem new, and were probably re-delivered after someone else returning them. For your safety, check all tags, labels, and packaging once your order has been delivered. If you suspect your mattress is not ‘new’ immediately call Beautyrest customer support.

Other features: Beautyrest’s DualCool exclusive technology includes an antimicrobial super hygienic layer on top of your mattress that not only keeps it fresh and cool, but also absorbs moisture and regulates your sleeping temperature. Also, this mattress has been rated high as a back pain helper.


Beautyrest Silver BRS900-C 14 inch Extra Firm Innerspring Mattress


  • This mattress has been proved to help back pains.
  • It is cost-effective; the price is affordable considering its characteristics.
  • It has an antimicrobial cover.
  • It can be chosen in plush or extra firm firmness.


  • Some customers say that the mattress is too hard to sleep on, in the first weeks of use.
  • Some units of this model have been reported as defective as they showed dents or sagging as soon as they were unpacked.


Are Beautyrest mattresses any good?

Beautyrest is a top brand that is CertiPUR-US certified which means it has been tested for low VOC emissions, Simmons doesn’t use fiberglass or heavy metals/chemicals like fire retardants in their mattresses, making them safe and eco-friendly. Plus, Beautyrest is always up to date by creating new memory foam supportive layers that can help you heal chronic pains in your back, neck, shoulders, and hips.

How long does a Beautyrest mattress last?

Just like any other mattress you may own, Beautyrest mattresses are meant to last from 10 to 15 years depending on the overall care given to them; however, it is common sense to say that it is not really hygienic to keep a mattress for over 10, 12 years. Not only accidents can occur that can stain your mattresses over the years, but also, it is not recommendable for allergic people to sleep on an old mattress for long periods of time, as respiratory diseases can occur. Simmons/Beautyrest offers nonetheless a 10-year warranty on their bed products.

What is the price of a Beautyrest mattress?

As stated above, the prices of Beautyrest products may vary from $500, $900 dollars up to $3000 on more sophisticated models, the size, thickness, and overall composition of the mattress can make the price of the model raise considerably.

Which is better, Beautyrest or Serta?

Serta is a sister brand of Simmons, it depends on the same consortium, Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC. Serta spokespeople have openly informed their customers that they are eco-friendly, that their products are made out of recycled materials, and that they don’t use toxic components in their mattresses’ compositions. They are a great brand to choose that also follows the Simmons policies and overall work ethics. Ultimately you decide which route to take once you have reviewed the specs of mattresses that may belong to the Beautyrest or the Serta line.

Do I need a Beautyrest Mattress?

To sum up this buying guide we can define Beautyrest as a luxurious line of attractive, comfortable mattresses that can offer you quality, presentation, and health benefits due to the sophisticated composition of their bed products. Although some Beautyrest mattresses may seem pricey, bear in mind that a Beautyrest mattress that can heal or improve your chronic muscular pains, that can offer you coolness and motion absorption for you and your partner will be cost-effective and will become a great investment as years pass by. Getting quality sleep in a modern world where stress is the cause of most of our health problems, is priceless!